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Yo there! I’m Stan Gursky.

Visual Designer Diehard UI/UX nerd Mobile fiend Icons Lover

I’m all about crafting kick-ass interfaces and unique designs that elevate apps, websites, and devices for companies that refuse to be lost in the sea of mediocrity and demand a standout image and unmistakable identity in a world full of clones.


No cookie-cutter designs here – each piece is a labor of love, meticulously thought through, and tailor-made to make your brand or product shine like a supernova, marrying UX & UI and creating seamless and stunning experiences.


Icons, mockups, illustrations, composings, you name it – I’ve got the creative flair to cook it up. Curious? Check out my portfolio and if it resonates with your vision, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s create something amazing together!

Mobile & Tablet Apps

A UX & UI symbiosis.
Pretty, functional & a joy to use.

In the world of apps, beauty, creativity, and outstanding user experiences reign supreme, enhancing the lives of users in meaningful ways.
When crafting interfaces, my goal is always to achieve the highest standard and deliver a unique outcome that stands out amidst the sea of countless look-alikes.

Web Apps & Websites

No boundaries.
All screens on all devices.

The web moves at a rapid pace, and I’m on top of it so you don’t have to be. My expertise ensures that your web projects not only look fantastic but also boast impressive functionality.
Whether you need a responsive website, an online shop, or a web app with a mobile-first approach, I’ve got you covered! No problem at all!

Icons & Illustrations

Icons here, icons there…
icons everywhere!

Icons hold a significant role in the digital realm, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes. As the first impression for users, they must be flawless, aligned with the product, and attention-grabbing.
I specialize in designing a wide range of icons, from skeuomorphic to flat, outline, and more. Whatever style you desire, I’ve got you covered! Just let me know your preference, and I’ll create the perfect icons for your needs.