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It's time to share some high-quality resources like icon packs, UI kits, and templates to simplify your workload and save you time. Get them while they're hot.

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Instagram – UI Kit 1.0

The most accurate, pixel-perfect, and versatile Instagram UI Kit available! Packed with variables, advanced properties, overrides, a buttload of components, and premade preview screens.

Originally, I only intended to build a small library for myself to maintain full visual control when creating my Instagram posts. However, as it expanded beyond my plans and considering the current offerings of kits/templates, both free and paid, I decided to turn it into a comprehensive design system and share it with you. And of course, it’s free because who doesn’t love free, well-crafted shit!

Some elements might vary very slightly from the original elements… but that’s due to the actual implemented live version of Instagram and how messy it is with quite a few misalignments that are all over the place or just sloppy components being the same but differ between some screens…

I meticulously created the system from the ground up to be extremely easy to use, eliminating the need to design, build, or even consider any technical details, saving you all the hassle and especially time.

Each component, whether it’s icons, small and simple, or large and complex modules, has been rebuilt with microscopic attention to detail and a commitment to achieving the closest possible match to the real Instagram app. Almost every value and constraint is based on variables (tokens), ensuring a robust and consistent implementation across the board, as well as an easy and coherent approach for future maintenance, additions, and updates.

License & Usage

!Do not republish the kit, whether for free or for payment!

Also don’t be so brash and impudent, taking more than half of the kit and republishing it as your own UI kit, while falsely claiming that it’s been done all by yourself without any mention where it originally came from (like the recently released UI kit on the community page)!

If you’re working for an agency and running a campaign, or you’re a designer in need of some Instagram UI mockups, or you’re just designing posts for your Instagram, feel free to use the kit as you like and need. If you do use the kit or a part of it, I’d appreciate a small shoutout or a link to this page.

Got some questions or feature requests? Don’t hesitate to write to me!

Upcoming updates:

The first release is finally out of the gates, and I’m already working on some nice updates with the following planned features and additions:

  • More components and screens for stories and reels
  • Seamless carousel for posts
  • Ads formats
  • Stickers
  • Icons
  • Messaging screens
  • Dark mode

You like this kit? Follow me on Figma, Instagram, Dribbble, or any other platform for new content or get in touch and let’s create something amazing together!

Instagram - UI Kit 1.0 - Most accurate, pixel-perfect, and versatile Figma UI Kit | Product Hunt
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Instagram – UI Icons

Small standalone pack with 36 different icons.
I redrew them as closely as possible to the real deal on a 24px grid and will add more icons as I continue with the Instagram UI kit.

Feel free to use them as you like and need. If you do use them, a small shoutout would be nice but not mandatory. I am not affiliated with Instagram in any way, and this is not an official release.