1&1 App Icons

For Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms


1&1 Mail & Media GmbH


UX Design
UI Design
Icon Design


May 2013 – Okt. 2017


The Icons & the Apps

Working as a freelancer for 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH is an incredibly exciting opportunity. The job involves working on diverse projects for various products offered not only by 1&1 but also by WEB.DE and GMX.

One such project I had the pleasure of working on was to refine and bring style consistency to the existing icons concept for the 1&1 apps on both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms. The challenge was to maintain a cohesive and instantly recognizable look for these flat, one-colored icons, representing different products.
If you have a mobile device, I highly recommend downloading all the apps. They prove to be very useful, especially if you are using any of the companies’ services. Additionally, these apps are constantly updated with new and exciting features, making them even more valuable tools to have. So why wait? Go ahead and get all the apps for either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android and enjoy their benefits!

1&1 Free Message

Free Message

1&1 Musik


1&1 MobileHome


1&1 Fotoalbum


1&1 Online Speicher

Online Speicher

1&1 Web Analyse

Web Analyse

1&1 Cloud Server App

Cloud Server App

1&1 HomePhone


1&1 Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring

1&1 Wetter Widget

Wetter Widget

1&1 Domain


1&1 Backup


1&1 Control-Center

Control Center

1&1 Mail

Mobile Monitoring


All the icons, logos, names and graphics belong to 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH.