Company Name

Deck 13 Interactive

Project type

UX, UI, Concept, Design



Gaming made in Germany

In the last couple of weeks I had (and still have) the pleasure to work with the awesome guys and girls from Deck13 Interactive on their new website. Since the old website began to get old and harder to maintain, it was time for something new, modern and fresh.

The new design relies heavily on cool and dynamic images from various Deck13 games as the eyecatcher. Everything’s responsive as it should be. We (me and Robi) also beefed up the whole functionality and features like the job section. We implemented an application tool there where people that are interested in the offered jobs, can simply apply directly from the website without all the usual hassle and unneeded forms (coming soon).


Huge slider at the top with newest and hottest games. Search functionality is also implemented in the header as well as a sidebar with some contact info and language switcher. We also have six latest news as teasers below the slider and all the important social channels for user to follow.


Layered slider with rotating pictures.


To spruce up the usual boring dropdown menus I decided to put some cool images in them. So when a user hovers over the games menu, a large dropdown slides down with the games as a list on the left side and a short description plus image on the right side.

Various pages

Some examples of more pages and job openenings.

Jobs in Frankfurt

By the way

If you’re a gamer then you need to check out the games that Deck13 makes, like Lords of the Fallen, Venetica, TransOcean, Jack Keane and Ankh. Pretty great stuff for probably everybody.

And if anybody needs a dope developer, don’t hesitate to contact Robert Sinko, who worked with me and coded this project.

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