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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the delightful opportunity to collaborate with the exceptional team at Deck13 Interactive on their upcoming website. With the old website showing signs of aging and becoming increasingly challenging to maintain, the time was ripe for a fresh, modern revamp.

The novel design hinges on captivating, dynamic images sourced from a range of Deck13 Interactive games, serving as eye-catching focal points. Ensuring full responsiveness was a paramount concern. Alongside Robi, we not only elevated the overall functionality but also introduced enhancements to features like the job section. One notable addition is an application tool that simplifies the process for individuals interested in the available positions. This tool allows prospective candidates to apply directly from the website, eliminating the need for cumbersome forms and superfluous steps.

Main Page

Dominating the upper section is an expansive slider featuring the latest and most popular games. The header encompasses the search function and a sidebar containing contact information and a language switcher. Furthermore, six recent news articles are presented as teasers just below the slider, accompanied by prominent links to essential social media channels for users to connect with and follow.


A visually captivating layered slider featuring a dynamic rotation of images. This innovative design showcases a series of images that are layered in a visually engaging manner, offering a sense of depth and dimension as the pictures smoothly transition and rotate. This effect creates an immersive experience, capturing the viewer’s attention and providing a unique way to display content or information.


In my effort to elevate the standard, mundane dropdown menus, I opted for a creative approach by incorporating beautiful images within them. When a user hovers over the “Games” menu, a visually striking dropdown elegantly descends. Within this dropdown, games are presented in a list format on the left side, complemented by concise descriptions and accompanying images on the right side.

Various pages

Here are a few additional examples of pages and job openings that provide a broader view of the scope.

Jobs in Frankfurt

By the way

For all the gamers out there, it’s a must to explore the game catalog crafted by Deck13, including titles like Lords of the Fallen, Venetica, TransOcean, Jack Keane, and Ankh. These games offer an impressive experience that’s likely to resonate with a wide range of people.

And if anyone is in search of a skilled developer, look no further than Robert Sinko. He collaborated with me on this project, handling the coding aspects masterfully. Feel free to reach out without hesitation!