Project type

UX, UI, Website & Mobile Apps

Leading searchengine for bustraveling is the leading searchengine for bustraveling in Germany. I had the pleasure and fun to work with these guys and girls for the last few years.

In that time I designed the booking process for the website and the mobile apps, refined the search results and the website design itself.

Website – Booking process

The booking process for buying the train tickets was handled on an external website. In order to implement the process on the site a new design to purchase the tickets was needed. It had to be simple, intuitive, easy to use and fit into the current design style.

Website – Booking process steps

Mobile Apps (Android, iOS & Windows Phone)

The whole website/service also has apps on all three major mobile platforms (Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone). Android and iOS are the most feature complete versions where the Windows Phone app has a little bit less features.

Google Android

We started on the Android version of the booking process around the same time the material design language was introduced by Google. So we adopted it right away for the project. Finally Google has come up with something decent and thought-through with their design language.

Apple iOS

Luckily the iOS and Android versions are pretty similar feature wise. So after we finished the booking process on Android we “only” had to adopt it for the Apple’s platform and design language.

Microsoft Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version was pretty barebones and had therefore a stripped down booking process and functionality compared to the other two big guys. Still we adopted it to the Metro design (R.I.P.) language to fit it better into the OS.

Website – Results tweaks & add-ons

I also had the pleasure to design other things for such as enhancements for the results pages, search functions, mobile add-ons and enhancements and a bunch of other cool stuff. These are some screens for those things and some concepts that didn’t make it.

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