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2012 – 2015


Leading searchengine for bustraveling

Busliniensuche.de stands as Germany’s premier search engine for bus travel. Over the past few years, I’ve had the delightful opportunity to collaborate with their talented team.

During this period, I undertook the design of the booking process for both the website and mobile apps, as well as the enhancement of search results and the overall website design.

Website – Booking process

The process of purchasing train tickets involved navigating an external website. To seamlessly integrate this booking procedure onto the busliniensuche.de platform, a fresh design and an improved booking experience were required. The goal was to create a user-friendly, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated ticket purchasing process that harmonized with the existing design aesthetics.

Steps to Complete the Booking Process

Mobile Apps (Android, iOS & Windows Phone)

The entire website and service are also available as apps on the three primary mobile platforms: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Among these, the Android and iOS versions offer the most comprehensive set of features.
The Windows Phone app, while fully functional, provides a slightly scaled-down feature set.

Google Android

We embarked on developing the Android version of the booking process around the time when Google introduced the material design language. Recognizing its well-thought-out nature, we promptly embraced this design language for our project. It was refreshing to see Google unveil a design language that was both refined and meticulously crafted.

Apple iOS

Fortunately, the iOS and Android versions share similar features. As a result, once we finalized the booking process on Android, the task of adapting it for Apple’s platform and design language was our next focus.

Microsoft Windows Phone

The Windows Phone version was rather minimalistic, resulting in a simplified booking process and reduced functionality compared to its counterparts on larger platforms. However, we ensured its adaptation to the Metro design language (#RIP), aligning it seamlessly with the operating system’s aesthetics.

Website – Results tweaks & add-ons

I also had the privilege of creating various designs for busliniensuche.de, including improvements for results pages, search functionalities, mobile additions, and enhancements, along with an array of exciting features. Here, you’ll find some screens showcasing these elements, as well as a glimpse into concepts that didn’t come to fruition.