Life’s indulgence of healthy Yummy Yama™ for fruitful living.


Fruitziyama Ltd.


Art Direction
Brand/Product Design
UX Design
UI Design


2009 – 2012


At Fruitziyama creativity is key

During my time as a designer at Fruitziyama, an dynamic frozen yogurt franchise, I had the privilege of shaping the brand’s visual identity across multiple platforms. I led the entire spectrum of website design, development, and marketing, meticulously crafting an online presence that echoed Fruitziyama’s innovative and delightful frozen yogurt offerings. My creative touch extended to the realm of physical marketing materials, where I designed eye-catching posters, vibrant flyers, and engaging shirt designs that effortlessly captured the essence of the brand.

As frozen yogurt flavors and toppings evolved, I eagerly embraced the challenge by creating fresh visuals that celebrated each new addition. Furthermore, I took on the responsibility of conceptualizing and bringing to life the logo for the sub-brand ‘Lolly Yama,’ an exciting venture dedicated to a diverse range of candy products.
My journey with ‘Fruitziyama’ immersed me in the world of frozen delights and confectionery, allowing me to transform ideas into visually captivating experiences that delighted customers and amplified the franchise’s appeal.

Life’s indulgence of healthy Yummy Yama™ for fruitful living.
Customers are invited to use their imagination to mix their favourite yoghurts with their favourite toppings to create the perfect “Yummy Yama” delight.


Since everything about Fruitiyama is colorful and bright, so was the website. All the products are on white with a bunch of color shapes and gradients. The use of different fruits also added a yummy look to it.

Visuals & Products

Fruitziyama is self-service. Choose your Yummy Yama and top up with your choice of Yamalicious toppings. There are many different frozen yoghurt flavors and each one of them needs a unique presentation. So for example a strawberry froyo would have a picture of the cup with the yoghurt inside of it and some matching fruits laying around.
Whenever there’s a special edition topping, like the hot chocolate one, then it would get a special visual treatment to make it more pop.

Merchandising, Interior Design & Subbrand

At Fruitziyama it’s important not only to have the best products but also the best possible interior design that screams joy and fun and invites everybody to come inside.

Shirts, Poster, Flyer

I had a lot of fun designing a bunch of different merchandising for the brand. It ranged from simple lanyards to stickers, from small flyers to huge posters, from menu cards to shirts. You name it.

Lolly Yama & Stripes

This one is a small sub brand from Fruitziyama for all kinds of candy. Like literally dozens different types.
Stripes is also a sub brand for coffee and sandwiches where I had the pleasure to design the logo, menus and all the other stuff. Check it out here.

Working with Stan was a great experience! We spent a lot of time discussing my vision at Fruitziyama and worked tirelessly on realizing it.
I am thoroughly pleased with Gursky Design.

Michael ChaplyaFruitziyama Ltd.