3D Social Game


StageSpace AG
Bailamo AG


Brand Design
Product Design
Character Design
UX Design
UI Design
Interaction Design


2006 – 2008


Web (Browser)


Flirt & Party in Sexy 3D

During my early days as a trainee at StageSpace AG, I was knee-deep in the development of Bailamo — a 3D social game that brought avatars to life in a funny and comic style.

In this virtual realm, you could create and personalize your avatar, engage in flirty banter and chat with fellow gamers. We offered a myriad of games, all in pursuit of awesome rewards and achievements.

My role encompassed the inception of initial character designs, crafting the game client’s user interface, sketching concepts for a plethora of features and objects, creating hundreds of icons, and weaving countless textures that brought the entire game to vibrant life. I was also a part of the team that designed the website.

It's all in the browser

Bailamo was entirely playable in a web browser without the need for extra plugins or flash. Simply enter your name and password into the form, it transforms into your profile picture and proceeds to load the client. Personalize your avatar by adjusting various body features and choosing from a plethora of accessories and clothing options.


Signing up on the website was a breeze, requiring just a few steps to configure the basic characteristics of your avatar, which you could further customize inside the game.

Character Concept – Female & Male

Some character studies for the female and male avatar.

Character Concept – Hairstyles

Different hairstyle tests and concepts.

Achievements and icons

Various Icons and achievements for different missions and minigames.