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I got featured on Behance with this concept. (Formerly webdesignserved.com)


Responsive Website Concept

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UX, UI, Concept



Rethinking the old ways

So I was bored again the other day and decided to redesign the current Nokia website. I thought that Nokia needed a modern and clean website.
Responsive. What else?

These are some mockups of the main page and a product page (Lumia 920) on couple different devices. This is certainly not the official Nokia redesign and I’m not associated with the Nokia team in any way. It’s just a concept.

Main page

This is where you start on the page. The layout is unobtrusive with a lot of whitespace. The header is pretty small with a dropdown menu for the language selection and search. Likewise the main navigation menu is on the left. The top of the page has a large slider that flips through new products with a familiar windows phone loading bar.

Dropdown menu close-up. Here you can select the language and search the website.

Product page

The product page has the selected device at the top of the site. At the features section you can click on the “hotspots” too get more information on each feature.
Hotspot feature close-up on a few key characteristics and tooltips for the main features on the HERE apps.

Tablet View

The navigation on tablets gets horizontal and very Windows Metro like. Therefore you just have swipe the content left or right.

Mobile View

The mobile site resembles a Windows Phone’s typical navigation style.

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