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Daily UI or rather Spontaneous Occasions UI

Every once in a while, I come across intriguing daily UI challenges or engaging contests on platforms like Dribbble and beyond. Each time, I’m eager to join in the fun. However, I often face the dilemma of either forgetting about them or lacking the time required for participation. On occasions, I recall these challenges when the window has already closed, prompting me to complete them just for enjoyment. Given these circumstances, perhaps labeling it as a “daily UI” endeavor might not be fitting; instead, referring to it as an impromptu and flexible creative pursuit seems more appropriate.

Music player

Presenting a concise notion for a minimalist music player widget, focusing solely on content without any superfluous chrome. Feel free to explore it as a rebound shot on Dribbble.

Profile Card

Presenting an alternative profile card concept, characterized by its clean design free from unnecessary borders, shadows, and the like. Feel free to check out the shot on Dribbble for a closer look!

Gifture Icon

The creators of the Gifture iOS app shared their app icon on Dribbble, sparking a wave of designers attempting to devise their unique interpretations and submit them as rebounds. So I rebounded it.

#1 Nerd

A small creation crafted with affection for all the enthusiasts out there! A fusion of diverse layers and textures has come together. I’m aware that the perspective on the band might not be accurate… but hey, sometimes art takes its own course.

Lumia 900 Pixelart

A tribute to the Nokia Lumia 900 through pixel art, capturing the essence of its launch colors: black, white, and cyan.

I’m uncertain whether I’ll include additional new projects on this page or if I’ll remove them from the work section entirely. Perhaps it would be simpler to view the new shots on Dribbble… Time will tell, I suppose.