App Name

Wine & Dine

Project type

UX, UI, Concept, Prototype, Animations



Simple & Clean Interface

Recently I finally had the time to play around with the new(ish) tool ProtoPie. It’s a tool to spruce up the static designs with some interactions and animations to see what it would feel like as a polished product.

Pretty mighty tool since it can trigger almost all the sensors on phones and simulate this way a real usage behaviour.
Anyways… as I wanted to test it thoroughly I needed a concept or an interface to get the things going. (Un)fortunately I didn’t have one ready so I made a fictive little shopping/browsing up for female underwear and accessoires. ‘Cause what else would be a perfect fit (no pun intended) for such prototype?

Key Screens

First things first, I needed nice images of females… Not the worst thing to search for. And I needed also a few pictures of female underwear and accessoires.
After I got all the boobs and panties I made a simple UI and began to prototype it. The user journey had to be straightforward and simple. So the interface didn’t have any cluttered elements or objects.

Main Screen


Product Details



I tried to make the navigation as simple as possible (I know that this kind of stuff wouldn’t normally work on a real life product, but it’s kinda fun to explore stuff like that).

The background with the model zooms to each part of her body, when the associated category gets tapped. So for example if a user tabs on the bras section, the background zooms to her breasts and so on.

The same goes for the product details modals. You get a nice picture at the top with all the options and settings for the item below it.

Product Cards

The products are placed within cards with only few elements, such as title, short description and available colors.
New products have a small red badge in the top left corner.

Tab Bar & Icons

Custom icons for different product categories with a pill-shaped and floating Tab Bar.