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Dec. 2017 – Mar. 2020


The World’s Watch Market

In my stint at Chrono24 spanning 2.5 years, I’ve been fortunate to be part of some pretty exciting projects. A significant highlight was the comprehensive top-to-bottom overhaul of the app for phones and tablets, where I spearheaded the design and accompanied the implementation of various features. The Virtual Showroom, Watch Scanner, and Watch Collection functionalities are just the tip of the iceberg plus a multitude of other enhancements across different screens.

Additionally, I was part of revamping the Dashboard tailored for Dealers, providing them with a seamless experience as they navigate through the marketplace and track all of their watches and transactions. Designing the Landing Page for the Apps was another feather in the cap, among a plethora of other tasks that came my way.

It’s been a fulfilling journey contributing to the evolution of Chrono24, and I’m proud to have played a role in enhancing the user experience and functionality of the biggest and most successful platform for luxury watches in the world.

Virtual Showroom

Experience trying on the most popular timepieces in augmented reality before making a choice.

Absolutely no excuses

The Virtual Showroom is accessible for everyone to immerse themselves in. No additional hardware is required. You can either order the augmented reality wristband or simply print it out on paper and place it on your wrist. If neither option is possible, you can still place a virtual timepiece anywhere you like and admire its incredibly crafted, lifelike beauty on your phone screen.

Modeling as a side job

My backup plan in life, if I were ever to fail at design, has always been the dream of becoming a hand or arm model. When we developed the Virtual Showroom feature, one task was to create a visual for a module in the app to advertise it and, at the same time, act as an entry point to try the functionality. The idea was to show an arm with the wristband on and a phone that displayed the augmented watch on the screen. Guess whose arm was used? Yours truly, the arm model wannabe. But jokes aside, this was a pretty interesting and unusual task that was fun to do.

Watch Scanner

Take a picture of any real watch with your phone and let the AI do its thing. It will identify the watch, and you’ll be left with a tough choice to add the timepiece to your Watch Collection, search for that model, or sell it directly on the Chrono24 marketplace.

Watch Collection

Build your watch collection by adding your preferred watches and always keep track of the up to date performance of your favorite timepieces while on the move, with them always by your side.

Add your watch

Simply enter the reference number of your desired watch, and you’re all set! It’s as easy as that, completely hassle-free.

I heard you like graphs

Tracking your favorite timepieces has never been that beautiful and functional at the same time. The graphs encompass all of the features the web version has to offer but perfectly and thoughtfully optimized for effortless for the use with your thumbs.

Dealer Dashboard

A customized dashboard specifically designed for dealers, offering a smooth experience as they navigate the marketplace. It allows them to monitor their offered watches and transactions effortlessly while providing exceptional customer support through a built-in messaging platform.

Landing Page - Apps

A pretty simple landing page for users, highlighting the main and unique features the apps.

All the other things

Countless other tasks and projects, too extensive to include, would just blow up this portfolio item here. Sadly some really cool and fresh things never saw the light of the day for various different reasons… Oh well…

Ghost Loading

A placeholder UI is shown while content loads, enhancing user experience by giving visual feedback and maintaining engagement. This skeletal structure previews the layout, reducing perceived delays and ensuring a smoother transition between app states.