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Cover Art

In the short period of time when I worked for Art Crash, one of the projects was to come up with the new cover art (regular and platinum edition) for Nero 11. For me it was a great experience to design the front covers since I grew up with Nero and never thought that one day my illustrations would be gracing its boxes.

Throughout the proccess was an internal pitch where my designs were chosen after I made a bunch of different versions.
The project had a few requirements that included to have a few colors from previous editions and some gadgets to emphasize the features that the new software offered. Therefore the regular and the platinum editions had different set of gadgets and elements that would go on each cover.

Front view

The front and center of the work are the front covers that should be catchy and grab attention. Here’s the close-up view for the front design.

Regular Edition
Platinum Edition

Regular Edition

In the process in coming up with the initial layout I had to draw A LOT of various gadgets and icons that weren’t used or were altered. Many gadgets were done in different perspectives or with different colors and lightning. So here are some of the illustrations for the Nero 11 regular edition that weren’t used in the final version.

Platinum Edition

Here are some of the illustrations that I designed for Nero 11 platinum edition and some that weren’t used in the final version. That DSLR camera was such a pain in the ass to draw… all those rings and knobs and everything…

Various icons and elements

Some icons that were used on the covers.

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