Company name

Gebrüder Jarosch

Project type

Concept, Design, Consulting


Gebrüder Jarosch are two goldsmith brothers who craft exclusive and individual jewelry pieces located in Baden-Baden, Germany.

I was approached to create the concept and design for the website. The look had to be minimal and clean, combined with intuitive and simple navigation.
The result is a modern black and white website with almost no chrome (unnecessary graphics) and with a focus on the products and the craftsmanship behind them.

Main Page

The main page has only a huge slider as a content element without any text or other things that could distract the user.


The whole website has mainly a one-level navigation except for the products page.
To make the switch between the categories easier, a dropdown menu pops out when a user hovers over the products item.

Sub Pages

  • Services
    No extras, just a bullet point list with all the offered services that Gebrüder Jarosch offer
  • Products overview
    Simple 2×6 grid for the products overview with large images
  • Product category
    On the product category page there’s a handy second-level navigation on the left.
    So a user can jump between the categories from any product page
  • Contact page
    Huge Google maps at the top with the contact details and contact form below.

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