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Exclusive and individual jewelry

Gebrüder Jarosch comprises two skilled goldsmith brothers specializing in the creation of unique, bespoke jewelry pieces in the picturesque town of Baden-Baden, Germany. I was enlisted to conceptualize and design their website, aiming for a minimalistic and clean aesthetic paired with user-friendly and intuitive navigation.

The outcome is a contemporary website predominantly in black and white, intentionally free of excessive graphics or distractions, and centered around showcasing the products and the artistry that goes into crafting them.

Enter the Juwelenschmiede atelier

The main page features solely a substantial slider as its primary content element, devoid of any text or other elements that might divert the user’s attention.


The entire website primarily employs a single-level navigation structure, with the exception of the products page. In order to facilitate smoother transitions between categories, a dropdown menu appears when a user hovers over the “products” item.


Services: A straightforward bullet-point list encompassing all the services offered by Gebrüder Jarosch.

Products Overview: Utilizing a simple 2×6 grid layout offers a comprehensive product overview with prominent, high-resolution images.

Product Categories: Product category pages feature a convenient second-level navigation menu on the left-hand side, allowing users to seamlessly switch between categories from any product page.

Contact Page: At the top of our contact page, you’ll find an expansive Google Maps section displaying the location, along with essential contact details. Below, included a user-friendly contact form for your convenience.