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Woohoo – We launched Threepointer for Dribbble!

In case you don’t know what Dribbble is… Dribbble is an exclusive community for designers, scouts and people in general who are looking for some inspiration for their designs. Users can post their shots and get likes, comments, and feedback from the community. Since we’re big Dribbble and hardcore Windows Phone users ourselves we thought that the Windows Phone community needed an awesome app that not only looked better than any other Dribbble clients but also had more features than any other app on any other platform like iOS or Android. That’s how we started Threepointer :) You can use Threepointer as a regular user or as a guest. If you’re using the app as a regular user you’ll be redirected to the Dribbble mobile site to log in on the first launch (we don’t save any credentials from any users). That’s it! Now you can like shots, comment on shots, follow users etc., all from within the app. No need to jump between the browser and the app. If you’re using Dribbble as a guest you’ll see the activity and your profile as you would as Dribbble. Liking the shots, commenting etc. are deactivated in this mode.

Some Threepointer features:

  • log in with your dribbble account
  • search for shots, users and colors
  • see all your activity
  • like shots
  • comment on shots
  • follow users
  • lockscreen support
  • live tile support
  • pin almost everything to your startscreen
  • and much more

How it all started

Early Dribbble app (Threepointer) concept

I’m super excited about Threepointer and especially how it all started and came together. If you read this far, the story might interest you a bit 🙂

I started with the idea of designing a Dribbble app almost two years ago, in 2012. At that time I did a quick mock-up how it would look on a Windows Phone 7 device. (yeah, that long ago :)). After Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 I began to develop a concept and a bunch of sketches and wireframes for the new Dribbble app. This time incorporating all the newly announced features that came with the new OS version. So, last year (around April) I finished most parts of the app, which I called Threepointer and was really eager to get it developed. See, that’s the problem right there. No matter how pretty and awesome the app was, I couldn’t finish it on my own since I suck at coding. What I needed was a kick-ass dev who wanted to collaborate with me and make Threepointer  happen.

E-mail to Stephen Elop

First thing that came to my mind was to write Nokia and ask them if they wanted to collaborate. So I wrote an email to Stephen Elop and sent him the Threepointer app concept and the Nokia responsive website concept that I also did for fun and went to sleep. In the morning when I woke up, I looked on my phone and Mr. Elop has responded to my email. Woot woot! He said that he liked my stuff and forwarded me to Nokia’s “Head of Development” and some other management folks. They all liked my work but in the end it didn’t work out. Nokia didn’t have any free resources back then since they were pretty much out to get and port only the top 30 apps from rival stores at that time. Ok, it didn’t work out with Nokia and it kind of sucked. I still wanted to make Threepointer happen really bad. Next thing that came to my mind is to release some screens from the app and see if there’s a developer out there who sees the post and would be interested. I posted on Dribbble, Behance and on my on website. To my surprise there were some people who wanted to collaborate. Unfortunately none of them seemed great at Windows Phone apps.

E-mail to Stephen Elop

This is happening

Again, a few months passed and then finally a guy, named Rolando, wrote me. It turns out that he’s also from Germany and he has already done a few Windows Phone apps and he wanted to make Threepointer. Fast forward a couple of months and we had the beta version of Threepointer ready. This is such an awesome thing to have the first “live” version of the app, that I was working so hard on, in my hands. The version was blazing fast, snappy and just perfect. Besides the great performance Rolando also managed to code some extra features that none of any Dribbble apps had on ANY platform. After the internal testing we began to prepare for the closed beta. We had a slow start but fortunately some beta testers liked Threepointer so much that WPCentral wrote an article about it. After that post our inboxes exploded!

The beta test went great with almost no bugs discovered. So we released Threepointer to the masses.
Shortly after our release the biggest German Windows Phone site, wrote a great article about us. Few hours later WPCentral posted another awesome article about the release. A HUGE thanks one more time for those posts.

E-mail to Stephen Elop


I’m very happy and proud that our app is leading almost all the charts when it comes to Dribbble on Windows Phone, worldwide! And we have almost everywhere a 4-5 starts rating!

I hope that this blog post didn’t bore you a lot. In case you still didn’t try out Threepointer, shame on you 🙂

Download & enjoy

Get Threepointer for Windows Phone